Gouldian Earth Sciences provides clients with a holistic solution to minimising client costs through innovative remediation and reuse technologies, partnered with leading edge construction techniques, that are underpinned by a team of qualified experts in the fields of Environmental Science, Geotechnical Engineering and Construction.

Not just a specialist contractor, Gouldian Earth Sciences can assist in material reclassification, site assessments and management plans providing our clients with a turn key solution that saves money, whilst also providing environmental benefits.

Major capital projects worldwide recognise that civil pavement construction needs to be more sustainable in light of finite natural resources, sensitive environmental conditions and limited economic resources. True sustainability is not just about environmental considerations, it is a balance between environmental, community, society and economic considerations. A major challenge facing large capital projects is a shortage of quality quarried materials for construction. Often quarry resources are required to be transported over long distances, resulting in escalating costs for construction and maintenance. This issue has been exacerbated by increasing rigor around quarry extraction, environment and land access in policy and legislation.

In addition, sustainability policies are driving innovation and challenging traditional engineering and construction practices.

These typically include:

  • Marginal basic raw material (materials not within standard specifications)
  • Site won materials
  • Available bulk wastes

Now more than ever, there is a clear need to more effectively manage virgin raw materials and look for alternative ways to utilise existing and readily available resources through innovative stabilisation and geotechnical modification techniques.

Gouldian Earth Sciences is an organization focused on the sustainable use and economic reuse of materials in construction and offers the following services:
Assessment of available basic raw materials for civil construction (major infrastructure, mining, development) and options evaluation

Pugmill services for:

  • Moisture conditioning – select fill, embankment material, subbase and basecourse
  • Aggregate and soil stabilisation – modification of structural properties through superior grading control and blending
  • Environmental remediation – acid sulphate soil, PFAS, hydrocarbon contamination
  • Bulk Blending
  • Slurry or Paste Backfill
  • Base course pavement construction – providing unmatched production and quality, as well as unmatched value compared to traditional pavement construction techniques
  • Remediation and waste repurposing services including:
  • Asbestos remediation
  • Hydrocarbon remediation
  • PFAS in soil treatment